General Information


Yeshiva Chosein Yehoshua accepts bochurim in their third year of Beis Medrash or older. The yeshiva learns the "yeshivishe" mesechtos in Seder Nashim and Nezikin. The learning is at a (very approximate) pace of one and a half blatt per month during First Seder, and about four to seven blatt a month during Second Seder. We encourage the learning of Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos as the second seder curriculum.


The zman begins and ends according to the universal yeshiva schedule.


Our talmidim are trusted, valued and respected, so we have virtually no rules. There is, however, a strict, zero-tolerance no-smartphone policy. Bochurim who come to Eretz Yisroel with a smartphone must deposit it with the Rosh Yeshiva for the duration of the zman. Our diras are eligible to recieve Irgun Tiferes Bochurim benefits for being technology-responsible.


Local health insurance is mandatory, and we strongly encourage subscribing to a medical concierge service such as MSG. In the event that it is chas veshalom required, they assist enormously in navigating the health system here and getting speedy access to the right doctors.


Our address is Meah Shearim Street 51 Jerusalem 94704 or Tarmav Street 1 Jerusalem 94704 (works better for mail).


If desired, linen can be ordered at


Washing machines are provided in Yeshiva through a third-party vendor at the cost of $120 per year (as of 2022).