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Yeshivas Chosein Yehoshua
ישיבת חוסן יהושע

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Rav Bienstock adressing the Beis Medrash
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Yeshivas Chosein Yehoshua combines the traditional yeshiva approach of in-depth Gemara learning as the cornerstone of the yeshiva experience with a warm environment and social infrastructure that nourishes personal and emotional growth.

This unique marriage has succeeded in producing mature Bnei Torah infused with authentic, balanced Torah values and prepared to properly approach their ensuing years.

Since its founding in 2017 by Rav Moshe Anshel Bienstock, over 250 bochurim have had a transformative experience at the Yeshiva, and the vast majority have remained a part of Mishpachas Chosein Yehoshua.


Our Rabbeim


Rav Moshe Anshel Bienstock

Rosh Yeshiva


Rav Shlomo Baruchov



Rav Dovid Osband

Maggid Shiur

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Rav Dov Dovid Klein

Shoel Umeishiv
Second Seder


Rav Moshe Klughaupt

Shoel Umeishiv for Kollel

First Seder


Rav Shmuel Birnbaum

Rosh Kollel


Rav Eliyahu Kirzner

Shoel Umeishiv
First Seder


Rav Gavriel Blackstein

Shoel Umeishiv

First and Night Seder


Rav Yacov Moshe Nordlicht

Shoel Umeishiv

Second Seder


Rav Yochanan Gewirtz

Shoel Umeishiv
Second Seder

Kollel Chosein Yehoshua

The Kollel posing with the Rosh Kollel, Rosh Yeshiva and Mashgiach
Rav Nordlicht speaking with yeshiva students

Our Yeshiva and Kollel have an annual budget of over 1.5 million dollars. Your donation supports the Torah learning, tefillah and avodas Hashem of dozens of bochurim and avreichim. Please consider contributing generously and partnering in the growth and flourishing of this special makom Torah.

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51 Meah Shearim Street

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